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seamless paper



When you book our studio

you have access to all of our backdrops and seamless paper! 


Just let us know when you're 

booking what you'd like to use and

we'll have it ready for you.  

Savage Seamless Paper

We have several colors of Savage Seamless Paper available.  Cocoa, Blue Mist, Olive, Studio Gray, White, and Pink. Let us know what you'd like to use and we'll have it loaded up and ready for you!

Please note, there is a $15 additional charge for seamless paper to cover the cost of waste, as it often gets dirty and needs to be cut off after using.

Gravity Canvas Backdrops

If you know anything about canvas backdrops, you know that Gravity is one of the industry's best! And we have three of them available for your use! Charcoal Gray, Distressed Gray, and Lavender. These backdrops photograph beautifully!